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Note to self (With no links, because I'm lazy) [Jul. 16th, 2008|03:07 pm]
Rachael, AKA The Carbonated Mystery Beverage
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Item the First: Last year, I went to Stitches Midwest and purchased lots of yarn.I've used approximately half of said yarn in the last year.

Item the Second: I'm going to Stches Midwest again this year, with birthday money (and am working several extra days so that I'll have a much larger paycheck than normal) and plan on hitting up the market. Perhaps not as hard as possible, but I plan on some sock yarn, and at least a sweater (or two) worth of something.

Thing the Third: Two years ago, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, who many people know as the "Yarn Harlot" started what became known as the Knitting Olympics. I may have mentioned it here. Knitters choose a challenging pattern that will take the full 17 days, cast on while watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and in order to "medal" that project has to be done by the end of the closing ceremonies. She's decided that she's only going to go to the trouble of organizing such a thing every 4 years, therefore this year, a group on www.ravelry.com is organizing it. Therefore, I'm going to join in. I've therefore decided that as my Knitting Olympics goal I'm going to try to knit up as much of the yarn from last year's Stitches Midwest as I can in 17 days. Here's the plan, in the likely order I'll be knitting them:

0. Grey Debblie Bliss Cotton Angora - Nantucket Jacket - Already started, and I should have plenty of time to get this done before the 8th.
1. Pink Rowan Yorkshire tweed - Lana Grossa sweater #15, from some book or other. I don't have it at hand.
2. Pink Granite Socks That Rock Mediumweight - Rock and Weave Socks
3. White laceweight - Habu textiles - Lily of the Valley Stole

Not sure if I'll do the lace or the socks first, and I'm really only aiming to get the two sweaters done (although a ribbed sweater on probably 5.0 mm needles shouldn't take me a full 17 days). Should be fun.

[User Picture]From: cymrullewes
2009-04-30 12:56 am (UTC)
Found you via a google search for the Schachenmayr Princess Vest. I can't find my printouts of the pattern charts (we moved after I started it) and the Archive.org only has the written directions. Do you still have the charts somewhere and could I get a copy from you? Thank you.
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[User Picture]From: morningdragon
2009-05-01 01:21 am (UTC)
Was that you who posted in the knitting comm? Someone asked and got an answer there, but if not, I ended up emailing elann at one point, and they sent me a copy of the pattern, so that might be worth a try.
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[User Picture]From: cymrullewes
2009-05-01 02:10 am (UTC)
Yup. That was me. Got the charts from the Archive. Someone in advanced_knit found the direct URLs and I pasted them in to my local copy. I'm now about halfway finished with one front. I'd be further along except my HTML skills are sadly rusty and I've never dealt with CSS before.

I'll post photos when I finish it tomorrow.

Thank you.
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