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Note to self (With no links, because I'm lazy) [Jul. 16th, 2008|03:07 pm]
Rachael, AKA The Carbonated Mystery Beverage
[Current Location |Work]
[mood |bouncybouncy]

Item the First: Last year, I went to Stitches Midwest and purchased lots of yarn.I've used approximately half of said yarn in the last year.

Item the Second: I'm going to Stches Midwest again this year, with birthday money (and am working several extra days so that I'll have a much larger paycheck than normal) and plan on hitting up the market. Perhaps not as hard as possible, but I plan on some sock yarn, and at least a sweater (or two) worth of something.

Thing the Third: Two years ago, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, who many people know as the "Yarn Harlot" started what became known as the Knitting Olympics. I may have mentioned it here. Knitters choose a challenging pattern that will take the full 17 days, cast on while watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and in order to "medal" that project has to be done by the end of the closing ceremonies. She's decided that she's only going to go to the trouble of organizing such a thing every 4 years, therefore this year, a group on www.ravelry.com is organizing it. Therefore, I'm going to join in. I've therefore decided that as my Knitting Olympics goal I'm going to try to knit up as much of the yarn from last year's Stitches Midwest as I can in 17 days. Here's the plan, in the likely order I'll be knitting them:

0. Grey Debblie Bliss Cotton Angora - Nantucket Jacket - Already started, and I should have plenty of time to get this done before the 8th.
1. Pink Rowan Yorkshire tweed - Lana Grossa sweater #15, from some book or other. I don't have it at hand.
2. Pink Granite Socks That Rock Mediumweight - Rock and Weave Socks
3. White laceweight - Habu textiles - Lily of the Valley Stole

Not sure if I'll do the lace or the socks first, and I'm really only aiming to get the two sweaters done (although a ribbed sweater on probably 5.0 mm needles shouldn't take me a full 17 days). Should be fun.
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Busy, busy, busy [Jun. 7th, 2008|03:48 pm]
Rachael, AKA The Carbonated Mystery Beverage
So in a normal month I usually work 4 days. Every other weekend. Well, this month, with the 1st falling on one of my Sundays, I would've worked 5 days. Well, one coworker is taking two nonconsecutive weeks off, giving me 7 extra days. Diane is taking two days off next week and giving them to me....

I'm working 14 days this month. The paychecks are gonna kick ass, but damn am I gonna be tired. (I know that's not a lot, but comparatively it's a ton more than usual, not to mention that it's in Fort Wayne, and I'm fighting the fact that mom thinks I should just stay at home with her for the entire month despite that I have obligations and a boyfriend and an apartment.)

Anyway, if I seem ridiculously out of contact between now and July, that might just be why. It could also have something to do with the fact that I never reply to emails. (Oops.)

See you in July. Maybe. (Or maybe my boredom at work will lead to more posts. We'll just have to wait and find out, I suppose.)
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Apparently.... [Jun. 6th, 2008|11:07 am]
Rachael, AKA The Carbonated Mystery Beverage
...the easy way to get a job in the college's ITS department involves dating me. ;-)

Congratulations, Joel.
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On love [May. 10th, 2008|11:01 am]
Rachael, AKA The Carbonated Mystery Beverage
[mood |pensivepensive]

So...I owe this blog and all of my 3 readers two posts: one about my visit to Carmel with L, in which she and I visited the Yarn Harlot (AKA Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) and another in which I express my disgust at the music department here, and my disappointment with several members of its faculty. However, the first is waiting on me to upload several pictures, and make sure that I have the permission of everyone in said photos to post their faces on the internet. The second...is waiting until after the end of choir tour, definitely, and for me to find non-four-letter words to express those feelings, which may not happen soon enough for the post to be relevant. I wouldn't expect either post any time soon.

Anyway, I'm basing this post on a conversation held very late last night. Ok, let's start at the beginning with what I know. Joel is giving, humble, self-sacrificing, kind, the list goes on. I want to spend as much time as I can with him before he graduates and leaves. I love his laugh (all different levels of it, and trust me there are several), and hearing it makes me smile even across the room. And I love him.

As you might have guessed, it's that last statement wherein lies my problem. Let me first clarify something. I'm not necessarily in love with him. But I don't really know where that line exists between loving someone and being in love with them. I mean, I've been in love, or thought I was. I don't want to be wrong again. So I guess what I'm left with is wondering how I know if I'm in love, and how I know if he's someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. I know that if we ended it right now, I would be extremely unhappy that we didn't explore this to the end. But how does it even work? I mean, I had divorced parents, and grandparents who were at each others' throats for the majority of my childhood (not angry, I think there were depression issues, and a habit of criticism on one side). But how do you know? How do you know you're right? What is the line in between? (Anyone want to give me insight? You're more than welcome to do so.)

Anyway, all I know is that I have two weeks left...and after that, things get much more difficult...
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Rock 102.3, how I will miss thee.... [Mar. 22nd, 2008|10:25 am]
Rachael, AKA The Carbonated Mystery Beverage
[mood |annoyedannoyed]

So I'm driving myself to work this morning, turned on the radio, and my favorite classic rock station is suddenly playing something in spanish....and it's definitely not rock. Crapped up my morning, I'll tell you that. (Okay, so it was between that and the snow. I thought we could be done with the snow. Guess not.)

EDIT: So I just realized that the station I should have been looking for was Rock 92.3... I have a tendency to mix up the number with that of another local rock station, but usually only pick up static when I'm wrong and try to listen to 102.3. So it's not gone, I'm just sleep-deprived.


As you were.
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Pants [Jan. 12th, 2008|04:12 pm]
Rachael, AKA The Carbonated Mystery Beverage
[Current Location |work]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Led Zeppelin - In the Evening]

Why do I come home for the weekend to work and never bring extra pants?

I got chocolate on the only pair I brought.

It looks like I have poo on my leg.
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Shoulda, woulda, coulda [Nov. 30th, 2007|01:11 am]
Rachael, AKA The Carbonated Mystery Beverage
[mood |sleepysleepy]

So here I sit, one in the morning (when I have to be up at 9 tomorrow) At present, 20 rows of knitting and a bindoff away from finishing the sweater I hope to wear tomorrow night. Aside from the actual knitting I have to add in time for weaving in ends, sewing on buttons, and the dreaded blocking. I have three usual methods of blocking. There's the full wet block, where everything gets dunked in a sink of water, soaks, and takes most of 24 hours to dry while sitting on a towel on the floor. A little easier version of this is to lay it out, spritz it with water, smooth it out, and let it dry. Much easier if it's an item that only needs a little touch to even it out. The third way is to iron or steam it. I don't own an iron (I know, blasphemy). So unless I take 2+ hours out of my day tomorrow to run home just to iron it (or someone wants to loan me an iron tomorrow afternoon) that option's right out. Not blocking it, however, is not an option. Unblocked knitting is so horribly unattractive to me.

And by now, you are wondering about the title of this entry. I'm simply thinking of all of this things I could have done that would have had this sweater finished this afternoon or earlier. I coulda started knitting at it Sunday night, instead of waiting until Monday afternoon. I shoulda taken it home with me over Thanksgiving break and made the new socks I started a treat for finishing rather than just allowing myself to start them. I woulda thought through things a little more thoroughly this morning, and Not. Forgotten. My. Yarn. Two-hour round trip to Goshen, folks, and I forget the yarn I needed. I had another project in my bag, but that's two hours I coulda been working on it and a lot less progress that I wouldn't have to make tomorrow.

Seriously, I forgot my yarn. What sort of knitter am I?
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I'm awful [Nov. 23rd, 2007|01:20 pm]
Rachael, AKA The Carbonated Mystery Beverage
[mood |complacentcomplacent]
[music |Christmas crap]

I used to be so good, so well-behaved...so monogamous. But anymore, I just start things willy-nilly with no regard for whether I've finished the other things I was working on. I'm talking about my knitting basket, and the fact that it's overflowing with unfinished projects (also known as UFO's). According to my Ravelry page I have 6. There are 2 more that aren't on there. Want a list? C'mon, everyone likes lists. Here you go. It's vague because I'm too lazy to take pictures/find links/think of all of the details.

1. Watercolor socks. Lorna's Laces Sock in Georgetown. I started these a couple of days ago, wanting a new pair of socks to work on over thanksgiving, mainly because of the next item,

2. Faux-argyle socks. It's a Nancy Bush pattern (though that's how I think of the socks, that isn't the actual name of the pattern) in a Knitpicks yarn in pine green. They'll be Chris' for Christmas, but I'm in need of a third ball of yarn for them, so I yanked my favorite sock needles out of them to start #1. But they're a Christmas present, and were knitting up mighty quick, so I'm not really in a hurry (although I'll buy the yarn soon)

3. Purple cropped sweater. An elann brand of yarn, something with silk in it, I think. It's something I'm designing for myself. Had 3 balls of the yarn, ran out, bought two more and haven't picked it up since I ran out of yarn. Needs a bit more on the first sleeve, the complete second sleeve, and I'll add length until I run out of yarn. I'm hoping that if I pick it up Sunday night I can have it finished and wear to sing at the swing dance Friday.

4. There's the orange and yellow shawl that I kn it up two years ago and never wear because it's too small. I have lots of yarn left, so I'm intending to add another repeat or two, but I have yet to do more than dig out the shawl and the yarn and toss them in my basket.

5. A half-finished tweedy black sweater. I love the sweater pattern, I love the yarn, I'm just not sure they belong together. Not to mention that the stitch pattern has this Michelin Man-like effect, which I would suspect will be less than flattering.

6. A barely started ice blue mohair sweater. Another something that I'm designing, but with the mohair it's a little delicate to work with and difficult to carry around and once I stop carrying it around I stop working on it.

7. Mystery Stole 3. I'm not thrilled with it, but yet I'm not sure I want to rip it out, as I do kind of like it. I just don't want to knit the last 4 ridiculously beaded rows.

8. Fair isle mittens in grey and black. Something I designed last fall because I wanted new mittens for this winter, I should start busting ass if I really want them this season. And there's a different yarn for a cheap and easy matching-ish scarf.

Plus there's another pair of socks I want to knit for a Christmas present, plus that sock pattern I'm trying to write up to submit.

I guess finals time is going to be pretty busy for me too ;-)
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Socks [Nov. 18th, 2007|04:17 pm]
Rachael, AKA The Carbonated Mystery Beverage
[Current Location |working, perhaps]
[mood |amusedamused]

Working on yet another pair of socks, but giant-sized, and probably going to be considered Chris' Christmas present. Anyway, just some thoughts on the process.

Cuff ribbing = those first couple rows on 5 needles? Ridiculously awkward
Cuff = the excitement of seeing the pattern build, how it works with the yarn
Heel = halfway point! I like slip-stitch ribbing, and short rows are exciting, with the way all the funky little partial rows turn into something that cups the heel rather perfectly
Gusset = soul-sucking. where the rest of the sock (well, a sock to fit me) is knit over 72 stitches, the gusset is knit over nearly 100 stitches, slooooowly decreasing back down to 72. I love the way the gussets look, with the aesthetic straight lines of decreases framing the pattern along the foot of the sock, but it takes so dratted long.
Foot = starts to feel like I'm home free, then we get into the black hole of knitting, where I knit on and on and it never seems to get any longer until it's almost too long
Toe = Almost there! rapidly decreasing rows, until it's time to seam the toe shut (I use Kitchener stitch)
Kitchener = I like it, but it'd be so much easier if I didn't have to look up how to start it, EVERY FREAKING TIME. How about some retention, brain? And then, the realization that if I want a pair of something wearable I have to repeat the entire process.

Rinse, lather, repeat for toasty feets. (if it sounds like I don't like knitting socks, please understand that I truly love it, I just sometimes get so impatient to have the socks on my feet that I forget how much I enjoy the process of creating them. Plus, did I mention toasty feet?)

PS: How ironic that pligetandeeyore just made a post on socks!
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Update on the last post [Oct. 28th, 2007|06:12 pm]
Rachael, AKA The Carbonated Mystery Beverage
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |Def Leppard - Let's Get Rocked]

1. Caffeine: drinking decaf tea rather than that powdered sugary coffee crap. Of course, I still sweeten the tea, but a spoonful of sugar is still far better than before. And it's berry flavored, mmm. And sweetened ginger tea is rocking my socks off right now. Plus, with it being this cold, hot mugs of tea are amazing for the hands and the insides.
2. The whole sugar/pop thing's been off and on. There were a couple of days that I blew it, but it's been 4 weeks since I've made that particular decision, and between one thing and another have lost 5 pounds! The inability to drink milk still pisses me off.
3. Haven't actually bothered to do any yoga yet. Am walking the dog more often, which he and I both appreciate. We walk over to get Chris at 5, and he walks back with us, which Chip is always enthusiastic about.
4. I have a confession to make. I got a really bad case of startitis and started a second garment I'm working on designing. I ran out of yarn for that and don't have the cash to spare from this paycheck to get enough more shipped to me. So instead of going back to Thing 1, I started Thing 3. Whoops. Thing 3 is a little delicate and time-consuming, so I've gone back to Thing 1. Ironic, no?
5. Room's stagnating, although I brought a couple more things from home that I want to hang. Out of nails, tho. Hopefully I think to stop at the hardware store soon.
6. Hair's cut, I love it and think it's fabulous. If you've seen it, I know you agree. Funny story, but it was passed on to me that a few people had a really difficult time figuring out who I was the first day I was back on campus. No pictures, I'm not sure where the battery charger for my camera is, and the current batteries are dead.

Off to watch more Avatar, methinks.
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